DRACOON for Android

Version 4.8.0 (2018-09-26)

New Feature Introduced favourites feature.

New Feature Introduced support of DRACOON Branding.

Improvement Removed Radius authentication from the login screen.

Improvement Improved OAuth token refresh.

Improvement Added support for round app icon.

Improvement Clarified and improved several wordings.

Improvement Improved the simultaneous presentation of multiple status bar notifications.

Improvement Disabled the copy button when trying to copy a folder inside itself.

Improvement Search now includes rooms and folders.

Improvement Introduced a more button in the directory listing.

Bugfix Fixed positive button in room/folder/file name dialogs.

Bugfix Extended list of supported MIME types.

Bugfix Fixed not shown notifications on API level 26 and higher.

Bugfix Improved OAuth token refresh.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that resulted in the absence of the status bar and software buttons in Play Store screenshots.

Bugfix File sizes are now shown correctly when uploading multiple files.

Bugfix Extended the list of forbidden characters for server URLs.