DRACOON Core Service

Version 4.14.0 (2019-09-25)

Security Issue Fixed an issue that led to the loss of user file keys for files in the recycle bin of encrypted rooms secured with a Room or System Emergency Password.

Security Issue Disabling key strength limitations is no longer realized via reflection.

New Feature Introduced user role filter.

New Feature Introduced configurable password policies.

New Feature Introduced additional filtering and sorting options for GET /users.

New Feature Removed "gender" attribute from response models.

Improvement Timezone is now taken into account for filtering if offset is provided.

Improvement Username is now taken into account when filtering for "createdBy" or "updatedBy".

Improvement Download notification for ranged requests on Download Shares is now sent on the first chunk instead of the last chunk.

Bugfix OpenID Connect issuer identifier is no longer mistakenly converted to lower case.

Bugfix Improved node size update mechanism.

Bugfix Fixed userName filter in GET eventlog/audits/nodes.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that could lead to incorrect avatarUUIDs in the UserInfo model of nodeUpdatedBy fields.

Bugfix Improved performance of restoring nodes from the recycle bin to prevent timeouts.

Bugfix Failed attempts to reset a password with a wrong token are now logged.

Bugfix Fixed "createdBy" and "updatedBy" filter of GET /nodes/search.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that led to an internal server error when using the move API to change the case of a file name.

Bugfix Made filtering for creation date consistent across all APIs.

Bugfix Fixed wrong wording in log messages at OpenID configuration.

Bugfix OIDC and AD import group can now be unset.

Bugfix Default classification is now also applied for files uploaded via Upload Share.

Bugfix Removed unnecessary log message for copy operations.

Bugfix Added check of file key for /public/shares/uploads APIs.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that made it possible to import a user with an invalid email address when authenticating via OpenID Connect.

Documentation Issue Fixed a typo in GET /user/account/customer.

Documentation Issue Removed mapping between role ID and role name from documentation.

Documentation Issue Deprecated /auth/openid/login endpoints.

Documentation Issue Corrected documentation regarding the filtering and sorting operators for the attributes in GET /users.

Documentation Issue Deprecated "login" attribute for filtering and sorting of GET /users.

Documentation Issue Corrected API documentation for setting file keys.