DRACOON Core Service

Version 4.15.0 (2019-11-22)

New Feature Introduced OAuth redirect URI "x-dracoon-action:oauth".

New Feature Added an OAuth client that enables users to easily port their existing integrations still using the X-Sds-Auth-Token.

New Feature Added X-Forbidden to allowed headers.

New Feature Introduced "createdById" and "updatedById" filters in addition to existing "createdBy" and "updatedBy" filters.

New Feature Introduced "userManagementUrl" attribute for OpenID Connect configurations.

New Feature Introduced support for direct upload to S3 Object Storages.

Improvement Added "nodeType" attribute to "DownloadShare" model to be able to provide the type of the shared node.

Improvement Introduced possibility to filter for files moved to the recycle bin.

Improvement Included deleted files in key distribution.

Improvement Added "authParentId" attribute to "Node" model.

Improvement Introduced "updatedBy" filter for GET /shares/downloads and GET /shares/uploads.

Improvement Revised usage of log levels to reduce log entries in production mode.

Improvement Reworked internal @Since annotation versioning.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that mistakenly removed the expireAt attribute from files moved to the recycle bin.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that could lead to inconsistent database states of nodes in certain (unusual) scenarios.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that mistakenly required manually created OpenID Connect users to change their passwords in certain scenarios.

Bugfix Corrected order of (deprecated) sorting attribute "login".

Bugfix fileType filter now also works when used with capital letters.

Bugfix Improved node size update mechanism.

Bugfix Added error handling for unknown tenant URLs in GET /provisioning/customers.

Bugfix Fixed userName filter in GET eventlog/audits/nodes.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that could lead to incorrect avatarUUIDs in the UserInfo model of nodeUpdatedBy fields.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that mistakenly allowed copying a file to its source when overwriting it with a capitalized name.

Bugfix Fixed userLogin filter in GET /provisioning/customers endpoint.

Bugfix Improved performance of restoring nodes from the recycle bin to prevent timeouts.

Documentation Issue Improved documentation of "date_start" and "date_end" attributes.

Documentation Issue Corrected documentation of POST /users error handling.