DRACOON Core Service

Version 4.22.0 (2020-07-13)

Security Issue Fixed an issue that might cause the loss of data room subscriptions.

New Feature Improved error notification for invalid characters.

New Feature Improved protection of OpenID client id and client secret.

New Feature Updated role descriptions.

New Feature Improved user notification migration.

New Feature Extended UserData model for webhooks: added authentication information.

New Feature Improved client information in audit logs for internal processes.

New Feature Introduced several performance improvements for querying of node lists.

New Feature Added Password Flow to Sync OAuth client

New Feature Switched from path-style access to virtual-host-style access regarding S3 buckets.

New Feature Introduced "timestampCreation" and "timestampModification", which may be used to specify when files / folders have been created on external file systems.

Bugfix In some cases the audit log showed a data room for the user that was not provided.

Bugfix Some filters for shares were conjuncted by OR.

Bugfix Fixed error handling regarding invalid webhook creation.

Bugfix Improved error messaging if UTF-8-BOM encoding is used.

Bugfix Corrected sorting behavior of groups assigned to a data room.

Bugfix Removed a trailing slash of event payload for downloadshare.deleted.

Bugfix Fixed a problem that could cause wrong free size shown on public upload pages.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that might result in a very slow cleanup job.

Bugfix Fixed an issue of cleanup jobs that might cause performance issues under certain circumstances.

Bugfix Solved a DB locking issue under heavy load.

Documentation Issue Documented forbidden characters for passwords in Swagger.

Documentation Issue Clarified Swagger documentation regarding password policies and mandatory characters.

Documentation Issue Corrected Swagger documentation regarding filter value types of shares.