DRACOON Core Service

Version 4.25.0 (2021-02-17)

New Feature Log level for skipped jobs is now TRACE.

New Feature Shares: added deprecation for filter userId. Please use createdById for the same purpose.

New Feature Introduced more sophisticated log level configuration.

New Feature DRACOON now requires a licensing file for all on premises customers.

New Feature Users may now subscribe to upload shares in order to receive usage notification emails.

New Feature We consolidated all properties configured in the properties file.

New Feature Administrators can now force their users to change their passwords on next login.

New Feature Introduced several bulk operations for various objects.

New Feature DRACOON services now support health endpoints allowing administrators to closely monitor the internal state.

Bugfix Fixed a critical bug in the database connection pool that might reset connections.

Bugfix Fixed a size calculation bug in the public upload share information.

Bugfix Ensured that user avatars are rendered in all cases.

Documentation Issue Added missing information about hidden comments in Swagger documentation.

Documentation Issue Introduced several wording improvements in Swagger documentation.

Documentation Issue Corrected Swagger documentation regarding creation of top-level data rooms.