DRACOON Core Service

Version 4.26.0 (2021-02-26)

New Feature Major redesign of our mechanism to spawn crypto keys for users.

Bugfix Virtual crypto share users were not removed properly after share deletion.

Bugfix Fixed a rare issue that might create encrypted files without key.

Bugfix Ensured that S3 migration properly handles missing files.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that could cause audit log events contain NULL values instead of information about configuration changes.

Bugfix Ensured that filtering for files uploaded by external users is possible.

Bugfix Fixed a small issue regarding auto-renaming of files on conflicting copy operations.

Bugfix New users could not be created if no password policy is configured.

Bugfix Removed an inconsistency regarding time filters in several APIs.

Bugfix Fixed broken shares for encrypted files that have been moved between data rooms.

Bugfix In some cases the audit log showed a data room for the user that was not provided.

New Feature Updated TLD list for email address validation.

New Feature Corrected Swagger documentation: Max length for passwords is actually 1024 characters.

New Feature Corrected Swagger documentation: timestampCreation and timestampModification are actually optional.

New Feature Introduced new default paths for DRACOON Server.

New Feature Improved OAuth information retrieval.