DRACOON Core Service

Version 4.3.0

Security Issue Fixed a critical bug that affects all previous versions: Deleting a Data Room with a special name might result in all files being deleted.

New Feature Basic implementation of node metadata configuration for S3.

New Feature Added log events for S3 changes.

New Feature Job to migrate files from NFS to S3 storage.

New Feature Improved the behavior of the RADIUS configuration regarding failover hosts.

New Feature All background jobs are now being skipped if DB update is in progress.

Improvement Deprecated error code -70502.

Improvement Introduced a mapping claim to OpenID provider.

Improvement Corrected Swagger Documentation of error code in POST /nodes/folders.

Improvement Added error code -40000 in Swagger Documentation of various endpoints.

Improvement Added missing error code -40751 to Swagger Documentation.

Improvement Added missing error -20501 to Swagger Documentation.

Improvement Corrected error code for downloads in Swagger Documentation.

Improvement Added Swagger Documentation for pending assignments.

Improvement Introduced new error code for missing Share.

Improvement Added error -20502 to Swagger Documentation.

Improvement Corrected wrong error codes for download issues in Swagger Documentation.

Improvement Integrated RADIUS in OAuth component.

Improvement Added PKCE support for OpenID Connect.

Improvement Extended state and nonce for OpenID Connect.

Improvement Corrected in Swagger Documentation that fileKey tag is optional.

Improvement Corrected Swagger Documentation for share link recipients.

Improvement OAuth client secret is now validated separately.

Bugfix Fixed a wrong audit log entry when changing AD configuration.

Bugfix RADIUS implementation did not work properly with NetIQ AAF.

Bugfix Fixed an issue about missing information in pending assignements.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused the full stack trace being logged in context of wrong AD settings.

Bugfix When creating a customer, the login of the first user was not in response if AD is the only auth method.

Bugfix Fixed a crash when creating a user with an invalid value for isEnabled.

Bugfix Fixed an issue with invalid internal identifiers of an AD configuration.

Bugfix Fixed a server error when sending the same auth method several times for one user.

Bugfix Fixed an issue with setting a blank name for Download Shares.

Bugfix Corrected the error code for Share Links when too many smsRecipients were provided.

Bugfix Corrected the input validation of POST /provisioning/customers.

Bugfix Corrected the debug message for incorrect filters of GET /provisioning/customers.

Bugfix Fixed an issue when updating a user with an invalid authentication method present.

Bugfix Fixed an issue when assigning several user groups at once.

Bugfix Fixed an UTF-8 encoding issue on OAuth login.

Bugfix In some cases the import group and the home folder parent for an AD configuration was falsely removed.

Bugfix Filtering for objects with underscore did not always work properly.

Bugfix Filtering is no longer case sensitive.

Bugfix Filtering objects with percentage sign did not work properly in all cases.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented the rescue key from being created correctly after moving a file between encrypted Data Rooms.

Bugfix Fixed an issue with percentage sign as Data Room name and search.