DRACOON Core Service

Version 4.6.0 (2018-03-12)

Security Issue Reject encrypted files bigger than 63 GB so that nonce reuse may not occur in crypto version A.

New Feature Last login error IP attribute is now deprecated.

New Feature Swagger UI Contact info is updated.

New Feature Extensive documentation about deprecations and corresponding APIs.

New Feature Improved handling of Home Room configuration.

New Feature Introduced new setting keys.

New Feature Introduction of new models for configuration.

New Feature Extensive documentation of new configuration APIs.

New Feature Restructuring of S3 storage API controllers.

New Feature Ensured that at least one authentication method is present.

New Feature Introduced new API for branding information.

New Feature New APIs to set configuration.

New Feature New APIs to retrieve configuration.

New Feature Introduced OAuth authentication to Swagger UI.

New Feature Introduction of new settings and configuration APIs.

New Feature Introduced new config information APIs.

New Feature Major refactoring of config APIs.

Improvement Corrected some documented information in Swagger about legacy roles.

Improvement Improved clarity of error code for invalid upload token or download token.

Improvement Ensured that random passwords do not use lookalike characters.

Improvement Improved Log Operations API.

Improvement Extended the API to easily retrieve configuration state of Media Server.

Improvement Updated several external frameworks.

Improvement Introduced new attributes to reset several values.

Improvement Reordered attributes in Swagger documentation.

Improvement Integrated DRACOON branding client in DRACOON Server project.

Improvement Added some examples to Swagger Documentation.

Improvement Refactoring of audit log and syslog generation.

Improvement Updated Spring Libraries for OAuth.

Improvement Updated RabbitMQ queue names to DRACOON.

Improvement Unified description of error codes in documentation.

Improvement Default values are now documented in Swagger.

Improvement Introduced a filter for globally available auth methods.

Improvement New filter for globally available auth methods.

Improvement Introduced filter for auth methods.

Improvement Renamed authentication method sql to basic.

Improvement Improved public system info API.

Improvement Added missing error codes to Swagger documentation.

Bugfix Corrected HTTP content type of Swagger Documentation.

Bugfix Ensured full compatibility of AD configuration APIs with new Swagger version.

Bugfix Improved URL validation for branding URL.

Bugfix Ensured that mail settings only allow either STARTTLS or SSL.

Bugfix brandingProviderUrl could not be reset in all circumstances.

Bugfix Activating IP address logging did not work properly.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented the last fail IP address of a user from being returned.

Bugfix Deprecation of /config APIs.

Bugfix Removed obsolete attribute useS3Storage from general settings update.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented the OpenID Connect fallback mapping claim from being reset.

Bugfix Improved the conflict handling of user attributes with the same key.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that occured when a Config Manager provided invalid auth method configuration values.