DRACOON Core Service

Version 4.7.0 (2018-03-29)

Security Issue Mail server password had been logged on reset.

New Feature Configuration path changed.

New Feature Removed deprecated RADIUS settings.

New Feature Lock information of customers and users are now boolean attributes.

New Feature Search results are now sortable by path.

New Feature Added new attribute phone to user.

New Feature Introduced profile attributes for users.

New Feature Introduced new language handling in preparation for new localizations.

Improvement Corrected HTTP status code for user keypair request.

Improvement Added some documentation to Swagger for depth-level in searches.

Improvement Deprecated attribute fileId has been removed from Download Shares.

Improvement Unused OAuth authorization codes are now cleaned up.

Improvement Log level now configurable in properties.

Improvement Full refactoring of Tenant DB schema.

Improvement Introduced new logging framework.

Improvement Reduced the minimum quota for customers to 1 MB (=1024*1024 Bytes).

Improvement All notes fields are now restricted to 255 characters.

Improvement Client ID and Client Secret of DRACOON clients are no longer shown via API.

Improvement Refactoring of copy and move operations.

Bugfix Fixed a stability issue regarding S3 storage connections.

Bugfix Removed an invalid error code from uploads API.

Bugfix Ensured that changes in the priority of auth methods is logged properly.

Bugfix Included a missing endpoint in Swagger Documentation.

Bugfix Enabling of event log was logged twice as event.

Bugfix Fixed an inconsistent behavior regarding the text length for notes of Download Shares.

Bugfix Some date range filters did not work properly.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent meta data when restoring old versions of files that are stored on S3 storage.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented S3 storage from being activated after initial configuration.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that allowed one OAuth client to receive multiple authorizations for one user.