Version 5.1.0 (2018-07-10)

New Feature Exchanged red backgrounds with white ones.

New Feature Introduced favourites feature.

New Feature DRACOON URI scheme is now supported.

Improvement OAuth session is closed on login.

Improvement Clarified and improved several wordings.

Improvement Introduced a view for changing the app icon.

Bugfix Hardware switch does not affect audio/video playback anymore.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused node cells to stay in a wrong position after swipe gestures.

Bugfix Fixed the select functionality for node cells on which a swipe gesture has been performed.

Bugfix Ensured that the OAuth web view is loaded reliably.

Bugfix Files app integration can now be used for multiple users on one device.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that set back a slider in the settings.

Bugfix Fixed a crash when saving cashed images.