Version 6.6.0 (2021-06-30)

New Feature Added support to display the creation date and modification date of the original file.

New Feature Added option to manage the classification of files.

New Feature Added password generator for share links and file requests.

New Feature Added file expiration icon to file list.

New Feature Added grid layout.

Bugfix Fixed an issue where using the search bar hides the navigation bar on iOS 12.

Bugfix Fixed an UI issue where some icons are squished on the iPad.

Bugfix Fixed UI for password cell when switching from dark mode to light mode.

Bugfix Fixed an issue where an invalid server URL does not result in an error.

Bugfix Fixed an issue where moving a file in Favorites view would render its name invisible until next refresh.

Bugfix Fixed an issue where deleting a file would lock the screen forever.

New Feature If possible existing timestamps are kept upon upload

New Feature Updated project for Xcode 12.5.

New Feature Dropped support for iOS 11.

New Feature Added grid layout

New Feature Rebuild table view.

New Feature Added hint when password is copied to clipboard

New Feature Implemented menu for classification changes

New Feature Display file expiration

New Feature Added grid layout actions

New Feature Add switch between grid and table layout