DRACOON OAuth Service

Version 4.15.0 (2019-12-11)

Security Issue Fixed an issue that reflected XSS might inject false information into DOM on login page.

New Feature Extended usage of accent color.

New Feature Added support for Russian, Polish, and Czech.

New Feature Updated Frensh and Spanish localizations.

New Feature Introduced CSP header.

New Feature Added (brandable) link to support page.

New Feature Appearance of local login options is now configurable.

Improvement An error message is now shown if the browser does not accept cookies.

Improvement Fixed an issue leading to an unknown error when requesting a password reset for users authenticating via OpenID Connect.

Bugfix Fixed an issue in connection with the URL query/fragment parsing.

Bugfix Introduced check for disabled client in authorization code flow.

UX Improvement Changed button labels to lower case.

UX Improvement Decreased importance of support, imprint, and data privacy links.

UX Improvement Improved position of error messages at login.