DRACOON for Outlook

Version 5.2.0 (2018-09-18)

New Feature Debug logging can now be enabled in Add-In settings

New Feature Removed user.config migration to registry

New Feature Optimisation of node tree selection

New Feature Ribbons added and improved for received mails

New Feature Search function added to node selection window

New Feature Ribbons added and improved for new mails

New Feature Option added: Ask for upload share settings

New Feature Store attachment dialogue improved

New Feature Uploads use the default classification of the target data room.

Improvement DRACOON C# SDK integrated

Improvement OAuth Code is now fetched without any open ports

Improvement Major text and ui improvements

Improvement https:// is prepended if a server URL is entered without any protocol

Improvement Error messages improved

Improvement Support attachments with size larger then exchange limitations

Improvement The user is warned if unconverted attachment is still available

Improvement Ribbons and menu structure improved

Improvement Additional menu improved

Improvement Tutorial dialogue improved

Improvement Share menu improved

Improvement Save icon improved

Improvement Modality of dialogues improved

Improvement Major refactoring of share settings usage

Improvement Start-up time improved

Improvement Now server-side default settings for upload shares are used

Improvement Tooltip added if SMS is not enabled on server-side

Improvement New folder can be created in favourite tree

Improvement Listviews can now be refreshed with F5 Keystroke

Improvement Scaling for OAuth logins on 4K Displays improved

Improvement Myshares overview improved

Improvement Upload links in share-link overview added

Bugfix Can't reach localhost redirect fixed

Bugfix Wrong redirect to OAuth version page fixed

Bugfix OAuth error on async api response fixed

Bugfix Entering invalid protocols is now handled correctly

Bugfix User properties removed in sent mail objects

Bugfix Ribbon load error with activated developer option fixed

Bugfix Wrong mail item selection problem fixed for adding attachments

Bugfix Adding all files on the correct cursor position

Bugfix Wrong ribbon information on disconnect fixed

Bugfix Error handling for missing nodes improved

Bugfix ToolTip improvements

Bugfix Favorite marking fixed