DRACOON for Outlook

Version 5.4.0 (2019-02-21)

New Feature Clarified and improved several wordings.

New Feature Improved denomination of resources files.

New Feature Improved the design of the upload dialog.

New Feature Add pagination to relevant dialogs.

New Feature Added license information on dependencies.

Improvement Extended Download Shares policies.

Improvement Added supprt for disabling the auto conversion of specific file types.

Improvement The last state of the expand buttons in the share settings of an individual email is now remembered also for Upload Shares.

Improvement Added search feature to further dialogs.

Improvement External settings changes have already been applied immediately, but they are now also displayed correctly.

Improvement Reverted the meaning of the show/hide password icon.

Improvement Improved implementation of DPAPI.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that mistakenly made Upload Share passwords mandatory under certain circumstances.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that wrongly rendered the "Save attachments" button disabled in few cases.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that made saving multiple attachments with the same file name fail.