DRACOON Web Application

Version 5.1.0 (2019-12-20)

New Feature Added "copy path" function to the more menu in the details view.

New Feature Improved room quota dialog.

New Feature favicon now uses ico file (instead of svg file).

New Feature Names of users/groups in users/groups management view are now displayed in black (instead of grey).

New Feature Colored bullets for classifications are now displayed in the context bar also for users without edit permission.

New Feature Introduced auto-focus for password text box on password-protected share pages.

New Feature Revised information provided in the context bar of the users management.

New Feature Improved display of name field in share dialogs.

New Feature Empty comments cannot be submitted any longer.

New Feature Folding state of left side bar is now remembered.

New Feature Feedback button is now colored in either black or white.

New Feature Access to DRACOON Web App cannot be disabled anymore in settings.

Bugfix Ineffective create/edit user/group actions are not displayed anymore for users without the necessary rights.

Bugfix Fixed the label of the "back" link on the licenses page.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused the remove icon to be missing in the chip of email receivers for file requests.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that made the icon to show/hide the context bar be not reliably displayed in Safari.

Bugfix Corrected path information in search results.

Bugfix Clarified and improved several wordings.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused an increase of the download count by 2 when downloading a shared file that has a preview.

Bugfix Fixed alignment of bullets for classifications in the node list.

Bugfix Improved email address input field in share dialogs.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that mistakenly brought back the password input field on public file request pages after files had been uploaded.