DRACOON Web Application

Version 5.5.0 (2020-05-07)

New Feature Optimized FavIcon for Chrome's Dark Mode.

New Feature Improved error message if users loses Data Room Admin permissions.

New Feature Improved the password error text on public upload/download pages.

New Feature Improved the visualization of already permitted users when authorizing new users.

New Feature Expand state of menu and context bar are now remembered in tablet view as well.

New Feature Added internal notes in the file request context bar.

New Feature Improved the tab line on the uploads page.

New Feature Removed old wording "SDS" from LDAP example when configuring an AD Service.

New Feature Extended the explanation text for notifications when creating a new share.

New Feature Approved internal profile language handling.

New Feature Revised file versioning and restoring.

New Feature Clarified and improved several wordings.

New Feature Updated Angular to version 9.

New Feature Disabled multi-select for shares and file requests.

New Feature Updated Java wrapper to Java version 11.

New Feature "Malware found" errors on file upload are now explicitly caught and displayed.

New Feature Disabled multi-select functionality on links page.

New Feature Introduced a newly designed share dialog.

New Feature Introduced a newly designed file request dialog.

New Feature Introduced Net Promoter Score rating.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that made operating instructions for empty DRACOONs mistakenly appear for a brief moment when switching between root and top-level rooms.

Bugfix Setting more than one phone number when creating a download share resulted in an error.

Bugfix In some cases, users could not be set as new Data Room Admin for sub rooms.

Bugfix Fixed a typo regarding "Decryption Password".

Bugfix Fixed a missing label text when authorizing new users.

Bugfix Clicking on root path in Favorites view resulted in an error.

Bugfix Fixed a small typo.

Bugfix After login, user might be redirected to wrong location.

Bugfix When changing the permissions of a user group, its group pending permissions state was lost.

Bugfix In some cases, quota of Data Rooms could not be edited.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented the option "show all data rooms" in certain rooms.

Bugfix Fixed the progress bar for encrypted public share downloads.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect requests for newly created favorites.