DRACOON Web Application

Version 5.6.0 (2020-06-17)

New Feature Redirect for unknown routes added

New Feature We now announce end of support of Internet Explorer 11 to all users with that browser.

New Feature Set autofocus on user search when adding new permission.

New Feature Improved the text message in the share dialog.

New Feature Updated the Profile menu.

New Feature Updated IE11 EOL message.

New Feature Corrected a typo in OpenID Connect settings.

New Feature Corrected a typo in rescue key dialog.

New Feature Removed line below bread crumb.

New Feature Corrected typo in notification management.

New Feature Improved label of group filtering

New Feature Sorting of users and groups is no longer case-sensitive.

New Feature Display of time and date in American English improved

New Feature Share dialogue text improved

New Feature Feedback button redesigned

New Feature UI improvements

New Feature Added new column "Username" in "Groups -> Members" list view.

New Feature Text improved for decryption dialogue

New Feature Error handling for error -80023 improved

New Feature Improve password validation

New Feature Switch for tenant to enable crypto added

New Feature Manage User View improved

New Feature Web App now uploads files directly to a configured S3 storage

Bugfix Overwrite for Client ID on Add Client fixed

Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused the pre-selected language during login to be ignored in some cases.

Bugfix Removed a tiny display error in Google Chrome.

Bugfix Removed a flickering effect on the public share page that showed the word "lock".

Bugfix Resize password input field for share/file dialogue

Bugfix Remove Home Room setting for none AD environment

Bugfix Error handling for filenames with colon fixed

Bugfix Fixed bug where the the task "Set Decryption Password" was not displayed and handled in Internet Explorer 11.

Bugfix Date format fixed for share/file dialogue

Bugfix Resized search box input field

Bugfix Responsive view fixed for share/file dialogue

Bugfix Share button not working for weak passwords