DRACOON Web Application

Version 5.8.0 (2020-07-08)

New Feature Introduced a new icon for the upload file action.

New Feature Improved wordings of several menu items.

New Feature Improved the pluralization of multiple entries in the context bar.

New Feature Introduced a proper success message after deleting users.

New Feature Corrected localization of error message on public file request page.

New Feature Wording improvements in English localization.

New Feature Corrected a type in the English localization of the share dialog.

New Feature Improved some wordings in the English localization.

New Feature IE 11 is no longer supported in this release. However, we introduced a static landing page for all IE 11 users to notify them about the situation.

New Feature Updated Angular to the latest release version.

New Feature Searching for empty keywords is now possible so users may reach the search result page and just filter files and directories.

New Feature Removed the WebDAV link in encrypted rooms since it could not be used.

New Feature Improved date range picker in all views.

New Feature Filter added to search bar

New Feature Introduced comprehensive filtering options for search results.

New Feature Client-side image previews for on-premises instances without media server.

New Feature Introduced Tool Tips for several elements.

New Feature Introduced a PDF Viewer for all unencrypted PDF files. This affects the internal detail view as well as public share pages.

Bugfix Fixed an error in the email address validation of share links that might falsely reject email addresses containing upper case letters.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that might cause the context bar to disappear permanently after resizing the window.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that prevented users from updating download limits of shares.

Bugfix If the S3 configuration could not be saved (e.g. due to missing input) all already given input is no longer lost.