DRACOON Web Application

Version 5.9.0 (2020-09-22)

New Feature Updated all localizations.

New Feature Improved import of libraries.

New Feature Improved implementation of internal storage services.

New Feature Removed email field from feedback dialog.

New Feature Added configuration option for OpenID user details source.

New Feature Added native language terms for language selection.

New Feature Improved the UI of input chips.

New Feature Improved the pagination controls.

New Feature Added configurable log levels and improved log level consistency.

New Feature Added filtering options for shares.

Bugfix Fixed an issue that caused ignoring the global default for expiration of uploaded files via File Request.

Bugfix Fixed an issue with opening deep links in Firefox.

Bugfix Fixed a branding issue which led to an incorrect background color of the download button of the share page.

Bugfix Fixed an issue with editing the password of shares in encrypted data rooms.

Bugfix Fixed an issue which prevents the redirect state from being updated when the OAuth token has expired.

Bugfix Fixed an issue with redirecting from legacy URLs that contain a fragment.

Bugfix Fixed an issue with displaying the used disk space.

Bugfix Fixed an issue where invalid GET parameters lead to a blank page.