DRACOON Web Application

Version 6.0.0 (2021-02-23)

New Feature The timestamp of files now shows the last modification date.

New Feature Prevent keyboard input for date input fields.

New Feature Set default product name to DRACOON if branding service is not available.

New Feature Improved S3 configuration dialog.

New Feature Minor UI improvements.

New Feature Improved wording of messages.

New Feature Added license feature.

New Feature Improved share notification dialog.

New Feature Added health endpoint for service.

New Feature Added batch-change option for several operations.

New Feature Major refactoring of properties files.

New Feature Added feature to allow data room administrators of several rooms to easily assign permissions.

New Feature Added option to immediately enforce login password policies.

Bugfix Fixed an issue where an incorrect error message is shown when opening a file with DRACOON desktop client.

Bugfix Fixed an issue where Spring Boot Actuator unauthorized access is not correctly redirected

Bugfix Fixed an issue where submit the button is missing when editing a share.

Bugfix Fixed an issue where removing a single client authorization removed all authorizations of that client.

New Feature Improved video player format compatibility.