Version 4.8.0 (2018-05-01)

New Feature Improvement to handle that S3 secrets are no longer returned from Server.

New Feature Updated localizations.

New Feature Introduced link to DRACOON for Win/Mac.

New Feature Corrected the file expiration period in Upload Shares.

New Feature Introduced specific error message for AV alarms.

Improvement Improved wording on OAuth configuration page.

Improvement Further improvements of OAuth settings page.

Improvement Improved position of some UI elements in OAuth settings.

Improvement Corrected the display of the sorting icon in Safari.

Improvement Improved headlines for OAuth Views.

Improvement Improved German translations for global User Roles.

Improvement Reduced API calls to improve performance of Edit User Dialog.

Bugfix Fixed an issue in the OAuth settings controller.

Bugfix Removed dummy row of new client from OAuth settings page.